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2010-03-11 - Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 22nd of February 2010

Thursday 11 March 2010 by Pierre Tocqueville

Drafted 22 Feb 2010 by Pierre Tocqueville

Edited (1) by Régis Lardennois

Edited (2) by Mike Dickinson

Translated (FR -> EN) 11 March 2010 by Mike Dickinson

Annual General Meeting

Held on the 22nd of February 2010 in the Eric & Sylvie Boissonnas Auditorium in Flaine at 19:45.


The meeting was quorate with 17 members present and 22 members represented. In addition there were 6 invalid Powers of Attorney.


Secretary’s Report for 2009.

The Report was read and, after some discussion, unanimously accepted. The Vote of Discharge was then passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report for 2009 (and update for 2008).

The Report was read and, after some additional explanations had been given, unanimously accepted.

Chairman’s Report for 2009.

The Report was read and, after some discussion, unanimously accepted.

Elections for the Council of the Association Flainoise

The following three candidates presented themselves, explaining what they hoped to contribute to the Association (these details are published on the WebSite).

 Christophe BOUJON



There being no other candidates they were elected unanimously.

Presentation of Council members:

 Christophe BOUJON – term to December 2012 (AGM of December 2012);

 John Mike DICKINSON - term to December 2011 (AGM of February 2012);

 Thomas HEPPEL - term to December 2010 (AGM of December 2010);

 Régis LARDENNOIS - term to December 2012 (AGM of December 2012);

 Pierre TOCQUEVILLE - term to December 2012 (AGM of February 2012).

Creation of an Association Directory of Members

The meeting was reminded that:

 this directory will only be made available to members (by mail, e-mail or by way of a ‘members only’ section of the WebSite);

 every member is to decide if he/she wishes to feature in the Directory and with what information..

This project was approved with two absent members having mandated votes against. (Votes For – 37, Against – 2.)

Any Other Competent Business

Discussion of information about the resort

The following points had been submitted in advance by members:

The lack of adequate parking provision.

Proprietor considered that they should be entitled to the “Seasonal Worker” rate for annual Parking Permits. A number also questioned the reduction of the number of parking places along some hundreds of metres along the road opposite Montsoleil due to the lack of snow clearance.

Accommodation for seasonal workers.

Building of the first of two accommodation blocks for seasonal workers (behind the UCPA building) is due to start in the spring. The re-fitting of the “Grande Ourse” building, the state of which is particularly bad, has had to be delayed for two years because of the need to house the occupants in this new building for one summer.

A number of members expressed disquiet at the condition of the “Grande Ourse” building, an eyesore which has scared off some visitors and mars the amenity for the inhabitants of Sirius opposite (without mentioning the living conditions for the inhabitants!).

 Flaine – a “Total Ski” Resort.

A number of people expressed unhappiness that activities other than skiing did not appear to be considered important.

Régis Lardennois pointed out that there were marked routes for walkers and snow-shoe users from Flaine-Foret to the Col de Pierre Carré, a foot-path “Tour de l’Arbaron” was laid out last autumn and will be available next summer, the “Ice Castle” at the Forum has been much appreciated by the children, and many events have been organized during February. There is also the Ice Rink, the Climbing Wall, the Cultural Centre and Library, guided tours of Flaine’s artworks and of the Artificial Snow installations. . .

A serious effort is being made to provide non-skiing activities and this should certainly be continued.

NB: in view of the many sledges going down the path below the Red Devil (No 1 Inclined Lift) and the associated risks, a playground in this area would be useful and no doubt very welcome.

 Enhancement of Flaine’s heritage.

It has been suggested that signposting to draw attention to the “historic values” and Artworks of the resort should be improved, as this is currently deficient. It would be a good idea to make an effort to popularize these to improve the understanding of the art and architecture of Flaine. Other ski resorts are making an effort to enhance their contemporary architectural heritage. More information can be found on the CAUE (Council of Architecture and Urban Environment Haute Savoie) website.

The Association WebSite

One member commented on the lack of adequate information on the Association WebSite.

 Replies and comments by the Association Officers

The Officers of the Association will bear these matters in mind in their contacts with the local authorities.

With reference to the WebSite, much effort has been made during the first six months of 2009 to publicize the WebSite and its URL, and this will be repeated during 2010. The site can be found on Google by searching for “Association Flainoise”.

It must be emphasized that any member (and indeed well-intentioned non-members) may express their opinions on the WebSite, by posting comments, sending articles to the WebMaster, or by requesting that the WebMaster give them direct access to the “Authors” page if they wish to make regular contributions.

 . Photo Gallery

A ‘Rogues Gallery’ has been posted by Mike Dickinson showing a series of images of the resort which we would like not to see in the future (buildings in urgent need of maintenance, badly placed waste bins, &c.)

Pierre Tocqueville is producing an album of photographs of the Flora and fauna of the massif (With the help of Manu Socié for the captions).

 Project for a social event

Pierre Tocqueville outlined his ideas on this subject.

- A letter from Thomas Heppel

The Chairman read Thomas Heppel’s letter (he being absent due to a health problem, which we hope will be very short) calling for the exclusion from the Administrative Council of those members who have taken legal action against the Building Permit for the Terminal Neige Project despite the support given to this project by a majority of the members. This letter is published on the WebSite at


The Treasurer pointed out that of the four members who were objecting to the TNP Project, three had not paid their subscriptions and by that fact have been excluded from the Association and the Administrative Council.

The Vice-Chairman agreed that the point be discussed, but requested that it be not put to a vote, as it had not been submitted for inclusion in the Agenda in due time.

Various points of view were expressed.

Mike Dickinson reminded the meeting of his long-standing opposition to the TNP project, but also of his great love for the Resort; several members extolled the quality of the TNP project, and need for a project for the resort of Flaine which would provide an hotel and an architecture to give impetus to the development of the resort.

It was agreed that the motion submitted by Thomas Heppel should not be put to a vote.

The Annual General Meeting closed at 20:30.

Pierre TOCQUEVILLE, Acting Secretary to the AGM.

Flaine the 23rd of February 2010

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