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Monday 21 March 2011 by Regis Lardennois

 Site Structure

This web site structure is made of four key area:

  • the public area, visible by visitors.
  • a “Members Space” reserved to association members. The access requires an authentication and a Members Space topic appears automatically in the left column of the Home page. It is reserved to distribute non-public documents.
  • a “Private Space” that allows to write posts or review others before publishing. To access it you need first to authenticate, the detail is given below.
  • a Forum space that allows to write forum posts.

 Access to the site

The site manages RSS streams, allowing to be informed of the publishing of new posts.

For the users of smartphones, a simplified format is proposed automatically.
It is also possible to access directly this format using the following adress :


The Forum is open to everybody.

Protection against the SPAM

To write posts, you have to be authenticated as a visitor. You can make the request on the Home page of the site, a password is sent automatically by email. Members ID are valid as well.

The online publishing of your post may be delayed until it is recognized as a non-spam message by an admin.

Forum Use

  • take care to enter a meaningful TITLE to your message.
  • to make exchanges more clear, thank you to address only one topic per post, and to notify if you answer an existing post, or if you create a new post.

 Authentication and Access to the Private Space

How to obtain your Member ID

You have to request your ID by email at the following address:

The ID will be sent by return to members.


To authenticate, there is a “log in” link at the bottom of the Home page (central column). Then an authentication window asks you your ID and Password.

After that, you return to the Home page with two changes:

  • you see the Members Space Topic,
  • a new button “Private Space” appears at the top right of the Home page, if you have activated the “Cookie” that is proposed in the Home page of the Home page of the Private Space.

The first time, you had not yet the opportunity to activate the cookie, and you may access the Private Space at this address:

Periodically, maybe once a Month, the communication Cookie is deactivated (I don’t know if it is a feature or a bug), and you have to use the same link.

 Publication Process

This chapter is aimed at authors. Posts may have the following status:

  • “editing in progress”. The paper is only visible by the author, that may propose it for publishing when he wants.
  • “submitted for evaluation”. Other authors may comment and make changes that will be seen by all authors. The author may perform changes.
  • Finally, the site administrator makes the decision to publish online, or not.
  • The admin may also put the proposed post in the dustbin or to reject it. It is not possible to recover a document in the dustbin, but a document rejected may still be modified by the author and submitted again.

Publishing requires a learning time, and the statute of author is only worth if you intend to publish several papers.

You may also send the content of a document by e-mail to an author or to an administrator of the site, and the document will be published at your name.

Typography shortcuts

Typographic rules, in small number, are explained in the online Help.

In addition to the Help topic, I recommend you the following link if you want to optimize the aspect of your publications :

 Site Administrator(s)

The administrator may at any time intervene on any post and change almost everything, except on the forum where he may just accept or remove a post (as a matter of fact, a delicate and risky action is possible by modifying directly the data base.

He backups the site contents periodically, and maintain it (structure of topics, design, new features...).

An admin may modify a post without changing the date. The publishing date is kept when modifications are slight (typos...), but for more important changes, the date and the title are changed.

After publishing, the post have to be downgraded to the status “submitted for evaluation” to be modified by the author.


This forum is moderated before publication: your contribution will only appear after being validated by an administrator.

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