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Wednesday 19 October 2022 by Regis Lardennois

Your membership of the Association Flainoise will strengthen the representative credibility of the Association with the various actors in the Flaine Resort.

Membership allows you to vote at General Meetings, and to have access to the Member’s Pages of the WebSite.

The subscription income maintains the Association and also allows us to support sporting and cultural activities in Flaine.

We hope that you will join the Association, and would ask you to consider adding a donation to your subscription further to support our activities.

Your email address will allow acknowledgement of your subscription, give you access to mailings, and allow us to send you a UserName and Password giving access to the restricted area of the web site.

 Ways and Means of Membership

The membership form may be transmitted:

  • in paper form (you may also scan the document and send it at the address“info at”). This (editable) form is available in pdf français. english
  • in computer form below

The payment may be done:

  • by check
  • by bank transfer
  • in cash, only at the GM or given directly to a member of the board.

bank transfer to Crédit Agricole des Savoies : RIB 18106 00021 21132224050 33
SEPA Transfer: IBAN : FR 76 1810 6000 2121 1322 2405 033 BIC:AGRIFRPP881

Post address for Membership :
François Zahm, 14 rue de la Fromagerie 39230 MANTRY

The Post Address of the Association Flainoise
“Immeuble Pollux Appt 407 - Flaine Forêt - 74300 Arâches la Frasse”
is still valid, but is slower for membership .

 Computer form 2023

After validation of the form, an email is sent to confirm the receipt of the form by the Association.

The membership est effective when the payment is received, and a confirmation email is then sent within one Month. The identifier allowing the access to the private part of the web will be included if necessary in this second email.

Adresse principale / Main address
Paiement / Payment (minimum 30€)

0 si déjà réglé / 0 if already payed.

Communication avec l'Association

Sujets que vous souhaiteriez voir abordés à l’AG / subjects you would like to be addressed at the GM

Sujets que vous voudriez voir traités en priorité par l’Association / Subjects you would like to be addressed in priority by the Association.

Seriez-vous interessé par des emails ou SMS lors des évènements de la station (1 à 2 / mois). Would you be interested by emails or SMS indicating resort events (1 to 2 / month. Si SMS, indiquez votre n° de mobile. If SMS, please tell your cell phone number.

Si SMS, indiquez votre n° de mobile. If SMS, please tell your cell phone number.

Souhaitez-vous participer à la vie de l'Association / do you wish to take part to the life of the Association.

Nous vous contacterons / We will contact you.

Autre commentaire / Other comment

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