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2018-08-18 - Last opportunity : “Say No to Marc Iochum’s project”. Have your say.

Saturday 18 August 2018 by Regis_Lardennois

“Say No to Marc Iochum’s project”. Have your say.

Dear Friends of Flaine

We have now a set of documents on the UTN project translated to english, here
so you may have a better idea of its contents.
Its is the last time to write your opinion on this projets.

We are acting every day against this project. Yesterday, we sent a mail to all administrative authorities of the area : Prefet, sous-Prefet, Prefet Massif, President of the 2CCAM (community of cities), and the mayor of Arâches, calling them to mind with a document named :
« Expert says - Nought the UTN file of Les Carroz d’Arâches. Golf of Les Carroz, an expensive and harmful for the collectivity ».
This document, highly critical details a lot of errors. The authors consider this project is botched and inconsistent.
We hope that this document will be able to question the project among the authorities, but we must also show that many persons support the opposition to this project, and that we are a majority.

Note that this document will be available in french here :

We may transmit your text to the authorities, but we need your text at the latest on Tuesday at noon in the mailbox of :
Association Flainoise, POLLUX 407, Flaine Forêt, 74300 Arâches la Frasse.

If you are in Flaine, you have the time to read the documents, write your paper, and drop it in our mailbox. Otherwiser send by postmail before the collection on Saturday, If it’s too late, send us a scan by email.

Any adult may have his say, even in the same family. You may write in english, we will translate.
We attach a sample form.

Thank you for your commitment..
If you can, relay this information around your friends.
We need absolutely:

  • Preserve the only nature area remaining in the resort.
  • Keep the « Communaux » open to all, as a quiet area,
  • Avoid a pharaonic project that will have a strong impact on the city finances, and based on a biased vision of the economy of Les Carroz.
    Repeat arguments « Mountain Economy », « management of the city as a company », « diversification » don’t make them more credible.
  • Avoid the destruction of the golf of Flaine. This disaster will be followed by the urbanization of the Arbaron Area.
    All together, we may stop these projects.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Formulaire cadre de réponse à l’enquête publique

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